Haarausfall bei Frauen


Even for women, male hormones in combination with inherited factors can lead to hair loss. The so-called receding hairlines or hairline may be affected. Not infrequently, the upper head hair thins significantly.

Hair transplants for women are among the most challenging surgical procedures to perform. This is because women have a number of complex and unique features that differ from men, including their types and patterns of hair loss, their anatomy, and the therapies available for use on women. If the donor hair at the back of the head is strong and healthy, and the hair loss is limited to a small area, then a hair transplantation can be carried out successfully. The hair transplants can give pleasing results, if you are given fair advice and a visual comparison. These challenging procedures should only be performed by an experienced hair transplantation surgeon who handles this type of intervention for women on a routine basis supported by a specialized team.

Haarausfall bei Frauen

The Ludwig Scheme divides the typical hair loss women suffer from into different stages, noting in particular that the forehead, the crown, and the head are affected by hair loss, but loss on the occiput is much less common.

Androgenetic alopecia

Women can also suffer from hereditary hair loss. Here, a thinning in the crown area usually shows together with a receding hairline. With sufficiently healthy donor hair, these areas can be impressively corrected.

Innate receding hairline,
high forehead

Even without any recognizable hormonal disturbances or illnesses, a woman can have a high front hairline and/or a relatively large receding hairline. Here, hair transplantation can permanently and attractively align a new hairline.


Accidents or surgeries, such as a facelift, can cause visible scars and hairless areas—especially in the hairline and sideburns areas. Transplanted hairs can give a lasting visual improvement. Due to our particularly fine treatment technology, we also achieve a high growth rate in these sorts of scarred areas.


Some women would like more expressive and thicker eyebrows. By redistributing hairs from the donor area at the back of the head, we can strengthen and reshape the eyebrows. (Patients should be aware that the transplanted hair will grow as it would on the back of the head and will need to be trimmed regularly.)

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