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The Tonsure, also called the "Monk's Bald", is hardly noticeable from the front as a receding hairline. From behind or with movements of the head, however, the conspicuously bald spot at the back of the head can be seen immediately. And as the hair becomes lighter, one’s self-esteem also shrinks—whether one is a man or a woman, or whether one is young or old—as shown by the results in at least one survey of the market research institute “TNS Emnid”, which surveyed more than 500 people. Unfortunately, only a few people know that almost anyone can be helped!

How does a tonsure develop?

A tonsure is a relatively large amount of hair loss on the head—sometimes even pronounced all the way up to the occipital area. These tonsures can strike anyone, and gender differences do not apply because the cause of receding hairline is usually androgenetic, or hereditary hair loss.

Testosterone is the hormone responsible for the formation of a tonsure, and is exactly the same hormone that makes one male. It causes body hair to sprout, and makes your muscles grow. It also controls male sexuality. In the scalp, however, testosterone is converted to dehydrotestosterone, or “DHT”, which is exactly what hair roots are sensitive to: they produce only more restricted hair or the hairs completely fall out. This is how your tonsured baldness forms.

Tonsure — what to do?

Basically, with a tonsure there are three options: the first option is to treat the hair loss in a Tonsure with drug therapies. However, this option has not been satisfactory to date. The reason is quite simple: as mentioned above, the cause of hair loss is typically genetic and there is no drug that can bring dead hair follicles back to life.

The second option is the option of hair replacement.

The third and most commonly used method is self-hair transplantation. Our specialists first analyze whether there is a tendency for full balding due to progressive hair loss. It is important to us that the optimal solution through hair transplantation brings lifelong satisfaction. To do this, we anticipate the existing and limited number of donor hairs. We take only the smallest tissue units from the mostly densely covered hair area, the “hair ring”, and transplant them onto the bald spots in the Tonsure. The hair there grows again - usually for a lifetime! Our many years of experience and our state-of-the-art techniques allow for maximum hair density and a natural growth direction.

Tonsure no more!

Numerous celebrities have done it: Jürgen Klopp, John Cleese, and Kevin Costner have all opted for hair transplantation, and are open about their treatment. England star striker Wayne Rooney said two years ago: "I was threatened with balding at the age of 25. Why not?" The tonsure is easy to counteract with today's modern methods!

Read the testimonials below from satisfied patients:

"I asked for a free appointment on the phone, and got it within a week. The practice is very nice and modernly equipped, the staff are all very friendly and warm, and you feel very well-cared for."
"The initial consultation is very detailed and informative, and I'm completely satisfied."
"Very professional + friendly, everything was perfect."
"I am more than satisfied with the result, and I felt very well-looked after from the start."
"Very satisfied with the doctor (very sympathetic, very affectionate, ...) All my questions were answered, and I am very satisfied with the final result.)"
"I'm thrilled with the result. Would do it again."
"Made the right choice !!! :)"

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The Kuzbari Center uniquely unites all of your treatments under one roof:

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Your first free consultation at our Center will take place with our specialists and the plastic surgeon who will complete your transplantation.

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We have Austria's most modern and highly certified operating theaters, and use the very latest technologies in hair transplantation.

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