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Patients report their experiences after a hair transplant

In the following video, Thomas talks openly about his hair loss and his unsuccessful attempts to stop it until he finally decided to undergo hair transplantation:


Read the testimonials below from satisfied patients:

"I asked for a free appointment on the phone, and got it within a week. The practice is very nice and modernly equipped, the staff are all very friendly and warm, and you feel very well-cared for."
"The doctor takes good care of the patient and discusses the procedure with them, taking a lot of time and demonstrating the process in practice and with examples, both in terms of his profession and his human traits. Feel good and feel comfortable in good hands =) "
"Very professional + friendly, everything was perfect."
"I am more than satisfied with the result, and I felt very well-looked after from the start."
"Very satisfied with the doctor (very sympathetic, very affectionate, ...) All my questions were answered, and I am very satisfied with the final result.)"
"I'm thrilled with the result. Would do it again."
"Made the right choice !!! :)"
"Doctor made a lot of effort and took a lot of time. Also the nurses were very friendly. The development and results are absolutely great. I would do it again immediately, if it wasn't't perfect yet. :-P "
"The initial consultation is very detailed and informative, and I'm completely satisfied."
"After the consultation, everything worked quickly. Friendly team, good advice, almost no pain after surgery, and well healed. A very nice result. I'm very satisfied."
"Very competent, experienced, and empathetic. Short waiting times -> immediate appointments, best advice and treatment"
"I was extremely satisfied with the doctor and the result!"
"very professional advice, doctor takes a lot of time, empathetic and very competent. VIP treatment at its finest. Have already recommended to two friends."
"I was very happy with the treatment and the result."
"I can only recommend the Kuzbari Center. I'm really happy with the result. Great team, very friendly and empathetic. Since the operation, my life has changed. I'm finally confident and no longer need to hide. Thank you."
"Very friendly, you feel very well advised and full of confidence. I can recommend anytime. Thank you for everything."
"Very good result, quick recovery, staff and doctor very friendly. All expectations were met."
"Immediate success, new quality of life."
"Feel like a new person. Can only confirm a positive treatment. Thank you to the whole team"
"I had no fear. I'm very satisfied."
"Very satisfied with the treatment and the result. Also super satisfied with the attending physician and the medical assistant. Definitely recommend! "
"Extremely professional advice, sympathetic, human access and tip-top treatment - after some experience with other doctors, this was the best result!"
"Very good treatment, I felt very well-looked after. Would come back anytime and recommend."
"Excellent, I am very satisfied and recommend further. Thank you, Mr. Dr."
"Very competent and nice. Very professional. Thank you!"
"Very detailed education for treatment."
"Right from the beginning I felt good about my choice, especially the detailed talk gave me enough information. Other things felt very careful and professional on the day of the treatment, I was very satisfied with the overall result, and I am happy to continue recommend :) "
"Very friendly, very competent, great result - I am satisfied in every way and will come again - clear recommendation!"
"Very satisfied"
"Do not wait too long for the initial consultation, they take a lot of time during the discussion, and you feel well-looked after!"
"I was very satisfied, everything worked out wonderfully."
"Very satisfied with all of the support. Results exceeded my expectations. Many thanks for everything!"
"Did a great job, the surgery went well. Scar healed well, no complications. Would recommend"
"Very competent and empathetic. Great team!!"
"Good feeling, and very competent team!"
"Nice conversation, good explanation, and accurate work -> very satisfactory"
"He is a nice doctor with a lot of experience."
"- Very competent doctors - very pleasant atmosphere - can recommend the practice to anyone - I'll come back (if necessary)"
"The doctor takes his time and deals with every question in great detail. You do not often have such short waiting times!"
"I've had the feeling from the beginning that I'm in good hands and the end result is top! I'm so happy that I took this step."
"Outstanding practice, great location, very good treatment, very sympathetic, and compassionate advice."
"Courteous, sensitive, and extremely professional from A to Z. Thank you"
"I am very, very satisfied. Thank you!"
"Treatment was very satisfactory, questions are answered in detail."
"I was very satisfied with the operation and the result."
"Thank you for everything! I cannot tell you how happy I am :) Sincerely"
"[You will] be excellently and seriously advised, and treated like that. Feel good in a nice ambience."
"I have great confidence and feel very well looked-after. I appreciate the normality and the way I feel about myself."
"Great advice, nice practice, I'm very satisfied!"


Because we are certain in our knowledge and years of experience in what we do, we give you the following guarantees:

Total Return Guarantee

Each hair root that is removed and considered extra or is not necessary for the final surgery is transplanted at no extra cost to the patient—you will only have to pay for what you need.

Quality Guarantee

We work exclusively on the basis of scientifically sound results. Study results show us a safe growth rate of over 90% to 98%. If your growth rate is found to be below this guaranteed number, you will receive free after-care from us.

Any questions?

Arrange your non-binding, free initial consultation by calling us directly at +43 1 358 28 17 or through our contact form.

Please contact me:

We store your data only for use in our customer file, and under no circumstances will we pass it on to third parties.

The Kuzbari Center uniquely unites all of your treatments under one roof:

Comprehensive first examination

Your first free consultation at our Center will take place with our specialists and the plastic surgeon who will complete your transplantation.

Guaranteed results

We guarantee that we will achieve your hair loss treatment goals that we agree upon together with you.


As one of only a few hair transplantation centers in the world, our surgeons and dermatologists work hand-in-hand to achieve maximum success and results for you.

No hocus pocus

Although our results are often compared to magic, everything is scientifically sound.


All treatments may also be paid in installments.

Fast appointments

We spend plenty of time with you during your no-obligation initial consultation to answer all of your questions and address all of your concerns.

Easy to reach

Our clinic is located in the very center of Vienna, and is easily accessible by car and public transportation.

Highest possible safety

We have Austria's most modern and highly certified operating theaters, and use the very latest technologies in hair transplantation.

Kuzbari Zentrum - Plastische Chirurgie Wien Kuzbari Zentrum - Plastische Chirurgie Wien

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