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In this hair transplantation procedure that uses a streaking technique, a thin strip of skin is removed from the hairy back of the head—which is done under local anesthesia and is completely painless. The strip is usually 1 to 1.5 cm wide and, depending on the needs of transplants, from 10 to 25 cm long. Depending on the patient’s hair density, 60 to 120 hair roots, also called “follicular units” or “grafts”, per cm² can be prepared. The hair roots are obtained under a microscope from the skin strip and individually transplanted. This achieves an excellent and very natural looking result!

Haartransplantation FUT Methode

FUT method results, at a glance

Final result can be realized after just 12 months
Resultsare permanent
Sociablepossible after just two days



1. Appointment

Haartransplantation Termin in Wien

This first step is often the most daunting to prospective patients, but requires very little effort to overcome!
You can sign up for a free, non-binding initial consultation with no obligation on your part simply by calling us directly at +43 1 358 28 17 or through our contact form.

2. Consultation with the treating specialists

Haartransplantation Erstberatung

In contrast to many other providers, the Kuzbari Center insists that your first conversation take place with the plastic surgery specialists who will later treat you. Depending on your initial hair loss situation, the appropriate method is first determined and then explained to you in detail on how the treatment works and what hair density and hair volume results are to — usually either the “FUE” or “FUT” — and is then explained to you in detail: how the treatment works and what hair density and volume results are expected. During your consultation with our specialists, we schedule plenty of time for you to ask questions about your specific hair loss treatment plan. Our specialists will address all of your concerns and explain each step of your hair transplantation plan.

3. Removal of the hair follicles

Haartransplantation Entnahme

Your hair transplantation takes place in one of the most modern operating rooms in Austria, at our clinic in the center of Vienna. After administering a local anesthetic, we take either a skin strip or individual hair follicles (FUE) from the densely covered hair ring at the back of the head. After removal, the hair root groups are thoroughly checked and carefully selected. These follicles are barely visible to the naked eye, and can only be seen under modern microscopes.

4. Introduction of the hair follicles

Haartransplantation Ablauf

The prepared follicular units are next transplanted onto the desired site on the head. We pay very close attention to three things: first, to a natural transition from the existing hair; second, to the optimal hair growth direction; and third, to the best possible density of the hair.

5. After-care

Nach der Haartransplantation

After the hair transplant surgery, you will recover briefly in our recovery room. We perform a quality check and an evaluation of the results of the surgery, and dress the hair and head carefully to protect the transplants. You will receive a detailed description of how to care for your hair after surgery and other important information about what you should consider and expect over the next few days. In addition, we make an appointment with you for your first after-care examination. Since the hair transplantation is only performed under local anesthesia, or in twilight sleep, you can expect to go home shortly after the surgery, quality check, and evaluation.

6. Results of the hair transplantation

Haartransplantation Vorher Nachher

Since all of your appointments—from the initial consultation, to the transplantation, to the controls and after-care —take place in our renowned clinic in the center of Vienna near the Graben, we are always readily available for you. We will stay in touch with you after your procedure, and arrange a follow-up appointment where we discuss the outcome of the treatment together.

This follow-up examination appointment and discussion of your results usually takes place 8 to 12 months after your final procedure. In the meantime, we are always available and at your disposal for your questions or concerns by phone, over e-mail, or in person. We also guarantee your treatment results!



When is the right age for a hair transplant?

For a result that provides lasting pleasure and confidence, choosing the right time to begin treatment is essential. Our patients range in age from the mid-20ies to over 70 years of age. In some instances, we advise against starting a hair transplant at that specific time—so a blanket statement recommending treatment at a certain age would not be reliable; instead, we stand behind our accurate diagnosis that is made during your initial consultation.

How long does a hair transplant last?

The extracted hair follicles usually last for a lifetime.

Is the transplanted hair distinguishable from the original hair?


How long is the expected downtime?

Facial swelling will disappear after 5 to 7 days. The small crusts will fall off after 10 to 14 days. We recommend scheduling two weeks of recovery time until you are socially active again. Desk activities are possible after just 3 to 5 days.

When can I wash my hair again?

From the third day after your hair transplant, your hair should be washed to remove the crusts that develop after the transplantation.

When is sport possible?

Playing sports is usually possible again after about 3 weeks.



Custom work, not mass-production

What are the best possible results for hair transplantation? When you achieve a narrow and unnoticeable transition between your natural and the new hairline. One right and one wrong growth direction of the transplanted hair, or too thin or too bristly in hair quality—as you could see, the best possible result is a precision landing!

Whether in the fields of hair transplantation or a PRP treatment—behind your natural-looking results and behind our exacting medical procedures—there is always an incredible amount of experience, precision, and passion at work for you. Our highest concentration is on the moment, behind which are many years of experience, respect for the task, and responding to the individual. And that is exactly what we stand for: custom work, not mass production.

All in one place

From your initial consultation, to treatment, and your follow-up care, only the Kuzbari Center in Vienna offers all of these services under one roof—and at the highest level of medical advancement in the world.

State-of-the-art quality and safety standards

The Kuzbari Center is licensed as an Austrian Hospital, and is therefore subject to very high safety and hygiene regulations—with which other local centers, or even centers abroad, do not have to comply. An Austrian specialist in hygiene and two hygienists check and certify us several times each month, and an Austrian quality commission continuously improves our processes. In addition, local official authorities regularly check and certify us. All of these safety and hygiene features are hidden behind the soothing and modern architecture of our office.

Interdisciplinary competence

Our medical team includes both plastic surgeons and dermatologists. Why is this important? Plastic surgeons are strongly preferred for performing hair transplants because of their exacting microsurgical training. Drug therapies for the skin and hair, however, are the domain of dermatologists. Depending on your individual type of therapy and treatment, different specialists at our Center will be your primary contacts. This is why our team, at one of the world's few hair transplant centers, naturally includes both disciplines—plastic surgery and dermatology.

Fair costs

A hair transplant should be affordable! But price should also not compromise the quality of your treatment and your safety. That is why we offer you fairly priced packages for your treatments and therapies, and the option of making payments in installments.


Because we are certain of our knowledge and our years of experience in what we do for hair loss at our clinic, we give you the following guarantees:

Total Return Guarantee

Each hair root that is removed and considered extra or is not necessary for the final surgery is transplanted at no extra cost to the patient—you will only have to pay for what you need.

Quality Guarantee

We work exclusively on the basis of scientifically sound results. Study results show us a safe growth rate of over 90% to 98%. If your growth rate is found to be below this guaranteed number, you will receive free after-care from us.

Read the testimonials below from satisfied patients:

"I asked for a free appointment on the phone, and got it within a week. The practice is very nice and modernly equipped, the staff are all very friendly and warm, and you feel very well-cared for."
"The initial consultation is very detailed and informative, and I'm completely satisfied."
"Very professional + friendly, everything was perfect."
"I am more than satisfied with the result, and I felt very well-looked after from the start."
"Very satisfied with the doctor (very sympathetic, very affectionate, ...) All my questions were answered, and I am very satisfied with the final result.)"
"I'm thrilled with the result. Would do it again."
"Made the right choice !!! :)"
"Doctor made a lot of effort and took a lot of time. Also the nurses were very friendly. The development and results are absolutely great. I would do it again immediately, if it wasn't't perfect yet. :-P "
"After the consultation, everything worked quickly. Friendly team, good advice, almost no pain after surgery, and well healed. A very nice result. I'm very satisfied."
"Very competent, experienced, and empathetic. Short waiting times -> immediate appointments, best advice and treatment"
"The doctor takes good care of the patient and discusses the procedure with them, taking a lot of time and demonstrating the process in practice and with examples, both in terms of his profession and his human traits. Feel good and feel comfortable in good hands =) "
"I was extremely satisfied with the doctor and the result!"
"I can only recommend the Kuzbari Center. I'm really happy with the result. Great team, very friendly and empathetic. Since the operation, my life has changed. I'm finally confident and no longer need to hide. Thank you."
"Very friendly, you feel very well advised and full of confidence. I can recommend anytime. Thank you for everything."
"Very good result, quick recovery, staff and doctor very friendly. All expectations were met."
"Immediate success, new quality of life."
"Feel like a new person. Can only confirm a positive treatment. Thank you to the whole team"

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Any questions?

Arrange your non-binding, free initial consultation by calling us directly at +43 1 358 28 17 or through our contact form.

Please contact me:

We store your data only for use in our customer file, and under no circumstances will we pass it on to third parties.

The Kuzbari Center uniquely unites all of your treatments under one roof:

Comprehensive first examination

Your first free consultation at our Center will take place with our specialists and the plastic surgeon who will complete your transplantation.

Guaranteed results

We guarantee that we will achieve your hair loss treatment goals that we agree upon together with you.


As one of only a few hair transplantation centers in the world, our surgeons and dermatologists work hand-in-hand to achieve maximum success and results for you.

No hocus pocus

Although our results are often compared to magic, everything is scientifically sound.


All treatments may also be paid in installments.

Fast appointments

We spend plenty of time with you during your no-obligation initial consultation to answer all of your questions and address all of your concerns.

Easy to reach

Our clinic is located in the very center of Vienna, and is easily accessible by car and public transportation.

Highest possible safety

We have Austria's most modern and highly certified operating theaters, and use the very latest technologies in hair transplantation.

Kuzbari Zentrum - Plastische Chirurgie Wien Kuzbari Zentrum - Plastische Chirurgie Wien

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