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The principles of hair transplantation are the same for both procedures: healthy hairs are taken from the denser, thicker hair wreath and transplanted onto hairless areas of the head. Only the method of removal of the hair roots differs between the two techniques.

Single hair removal, or the “FUE technique”, is a real alternative to the strip method. Both techniques offer advantages and disadvantages. Which technique is best for the patient will always be discussed in advance with the attending physician.

At the Kuzbari Center, we exercise extreme caution when advising the patient on a technique that is the "best", "latest", or "most advanced" method. Our experienced surgeons master all of these techniques, and can thus make the most appropriate recommendation for the patient. In the end, you will be informed enough to decide which technique is most suitable for you and your treatment goals.


With the strip method, a narrow strip from the collection area of the head is shaved and removed. Special surgical instruments that are very gentle and do not injure the hair roots are used when removing the strip. More advanced suturing techniques are performed in such a way that hair should grow later through the tiny scar. It remains a linear, initially slightly reddened scar, which can be combed over by the rest of hair—hair length of at least 1 cm is recommended, though better results are achieved with 2 to 5 cm of hair. The linear or line-shaped scar is only visible if the hair length is less than 0.5 cm or the remaining hair is very thinly distributed.

Advantages and disadvantages of strip removal

  • Very large amounts of follicular units can be transplanted in one treatment—up to 3000
  • The sampling point can be combed over immediately, and is thus virtually invisible
  • The optical density of the hair ring, or “hair coat”, remains largely the same
  • If another hair transplantation is later performed, then the old scar can be removed so that only one scar remains
  • Is a technique well-suited for patients who do not want to shave their hair for a short while


Here, the entire hair collection area is shaved to 1mm. For small transplant volumes under 800 grafts, the hair can be left long. For large numbers of grafts, larger areas must be shaved—usually the complete hair ring. The donor sites are not sutured, remain open, and the punctate channels of 0.7 to 1 mm in diameter close immediately on the day of the treatment. Small crusts are visible for about 5 to 7 days, and a slight redness may be visible for longer. Later, the surrounding hair grows back and the small scar points are barely or not at all visible to the naked eye.

Advantages and disadvantages of FUE technology

  • No cut or seam are required
  • The number of follicular units (FU) that can be transplanted per day is limited to approximately 700 to 2000 FUs
  • For small amounts of grafts up to about 800 FUs, and for long hair, the sampling point can be combed over. For large quantities of grafts, from 1000 to 2000 FUs, it is usually not very visible.
  • The hair ring, or “hair coat”, in the removal area can look a bit thinned out.
  • If you remove it again, the hair wreath will continue to thicken or it may need to be dodged
  • Spot-like removal of hair roots anywhere on the body is possible, although the quality of body hair is not always well-suited for transplantation onto the head
  • Suitable for very young patients who do not yet know if they will shave off all of their hair later in life

During your personal consultation, we will show you all of your possible results and will inform you in great detail about all of the common techniques.

Read the testimonials below from satisfied patients:

"I asked for a free appointment on the phone, and got it within a week. The practice is very nice and modernly equipped, the staff are all very friendly and warm, and you feel very well-cared for."
"The initial consultation is very detailed and informative, and I'm completely satisfied."
"Very professional + friendly, everything was perfect."
"I am more than satisfied with the result, and I felt very well-looked after from the start."
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"After the consultation, everything worked quickly. Friendly team, good advice, almost no pain after surgery, and well healed. A very nice result. I'm very satisfied."
"Very competent, experienced, and empathetic. Short waiting times -> immediate appointments, best advice and treatment"
"The doctor takes good care of the patient and discusses the procedure with them, taking a lot of time and demonstrating the process in practice and with examples, both in terms of his profession and his human traits. Feel good and feel comfortable in good hands =) "
"I was extremely satisfied with the doctor and the result!"
"I can only recommend the Kuzbari Center. I'm really happy with the result. Great team, very friendly and empathetic. Since the operation, my life has changed. I'm finally confident and no longer need to hide. Thank you."
"Very friendly, you feel very well advised and full of confidence. I can recommend anytime. Thank you for everything."

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